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Happy Nu Year

While the first of the year isn’t the only time to set intentions — you can literally set them everyday — a lot of people prioritize doing so on the first to kick off the year.

Many people choose vision boards to set their intentions — see the future you want and strive daily to get there. My vision board is saved as my Lock Screen so every time I pick up my phone, I’m reminded of what I’m trying to accomplish.

Another way to set your intentions for the new year is to write them down. Ever heard the saying words are spells? Or what about there is power in the tongue? Both of these are very much true.

Your intentions could be a list of things to check off or a detailed account of what your life will look like. What you write is up to you, but it should be things you want to accomplish and/or obtain.

On Monday 1st, I low-boiled cinnamon sticks, lavender, chamomile and honey on the stove for a while.


Each ingredient specifically chosen for my intentions, both personal and business wise.

If you add up the numbers in 2024, it equals 8. So, I added eight cinnamon sticks. In various cultures, the number eight is said to be associated with abundance, prosperity and balance

I added both chamomile to attract luck, happiness and peace. It’s also known to banish negative energy 🧿

I added lavender as it represents devotion, grace and serenity. Its color (purple) has long been been associated with royalty and luxury. Purple is also the color representing the crown chakra, the energy center connected with higher purpose and spiritual connectivity 💜

And lastly, I added honey because I want this year and the ones beyond it to be sweet to and for me 🤎💫

While I let this simmer on the stove, I started a detailed plan to accomplishing my manifestations and goals for the Nu Year. Faith without works is dead.

How did you set your intentions for 2024? Let us know in the comments

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