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So Glad I Didn’t Miss Black Girl Art Show

This year for Mother’s Day, I attended a Spectacular Black Girl Art Show. I had seen videos and photos on Instagram from other cities and I couldn’t wait for them to come to Atlanta. I was excited y’all! As I pulled into the parking lot, I prayed I would find a spot.

The lot was packed! I already knew I was in store for a good Black time. After circling the lot twice, I made the decision to make myself a spot towards the back of the lot. I was not about to miss a moment more!

You could hear the music as you walked into the doors. Sitting next to the check-in table, they had a table filled with Black Girl Art Show Merchandise and two ladies excited to welcome you.

Behind them was a bright yellow bike adorned with flowers. For me, it symbolized Black women’s endurance to keep pushing forward and our beautiful, soft and delicate nature.

This is just my interpretation…

I could be thinking way too much into it 😅

It may sound cliche, but walking into that main room took my breathe away. So much art, talent, creativity and love. Black women of different ages, professions and backgrounds were spread throughout the room.


It was filled with so much love. So much joy.

I literally almost bumped into Logan Browning as I walked further into the main room. I wanted to ask for a pic, but decided against it. I have this thing about not bothering “celebrities” when I see them out in public. Yes, they chose to be entertainers, but does that mean they don’t deserve to go out/do normal stuff without being bothered? 🤔

I know they’re already gonna get asked by at least 20 other people while they’re out, so I just leave it be MOST times. But I’m not gonna front, I ran into Michelle Williams at the airport one day and I just had to get a pic 😭

But let’s get back to Black Girl Art Show.


I walked towards the DJ booth where I knew my friend Amber of Support a Dope Black Business had her booth set up close by. She was completely in her element, talking to a group of ladies standing at her booth about all of the products and amazing Black businesses she had featured.

I stood to the side until she finished, jamming to the sounds from DJ Tee Y. And let me tell y’all, sis ain’t miss a beat the entire event. What made it even cooler, is she was accompanied by 2 woman band. Right next to the stage sat a woman playing the piano and a woman playing the drums, both playing to the music the DJ played. There wasn’t a set playlist, the ladies of the band were just that talented and vibed with the DJ very well!

I was grooving the entire time. And I wasn’t the only one either. One couple starting stepping in the middle of the floor.

Although I was there to support Amber, she encouraged me to talk to people about ButtahBody when they came to the booth. It was totally unexpected and I was so grateful. I love speaking to people face-to-face about ButtahBody — let them see the passion and excitement I have for it. And you can trust, any time I get an opportunity to speak about my business and remind people to #buttahyobody, I’m going to! 

After chatting with Amber and her friend Mika, I did walk thru the venue. I saw over 100 dope artists and creators stand with pride by their art. I witnessed their faces light up as they talked to potential customers. I watched the smiles on the faces of the customers as they made their purchases.


So much damn talent.

It’s no secret that the Black women is the most disrespected person on the planet. To be apart of and witness a space where Black women were allowed to be their most authentic selves was beautiful to witness. Special thank you to Josh Dingle, the curator of the amazing event.

Thank you for creating an event where we could love, support, encourage, uplift and celebrate  each other. Where we could be ourselves and blossom together. This was beautiful and I can’t wait for the next one 🤎

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